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Black Friday Shopping Safety

With the holiday season approaching, families everywhere have begun making gift lists, checking them twice… and planning for the annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

For many, the Black Friday shopping binge has become one of the most celebrated traditions of the season. But, as exciting as it may be, it can pose some risks to those who choose to partake in the massive mall-to-mall mania.

Read on to learn about important Black Friday shopping safety tips that every shopper needs to know.

The Birth of Black Friday

Since the 1950s, the term “Black Friday” has been used to describe a day that’s now best-known for ultra-competitive retail sales. But back then, according to NBC News, the term initially carried a somewhat dreadful connotation.

Its modern meaning, first coined by the police and authorities, referred to the need to enforce stricter-than-normal crowd control due to an influx of shoppers arriving the day after Thanksgiving.

While a lot of things may have changed over the years, the swarms of shoppers looking to take advantage of once-a-year steals and deals have held steady. In fact, the season’s shopping crowd has grown to include over 100 million people in over 20 countries around the globe.

With so many determined to strike a deal on the same day, it’s easy to see why Black Friday and a need for boosted crowd control go hand in hand. And, it’s also why the smartest shoppers place safety at the top of their list for the post-feast retail frenzy.

If you’re one of the millions of Black Friday store-goers, be sure you play it safe this season with a few crucial safety tips.

Must-Have Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

1.  Safety First

If you head out on Black Friday, it would be impossible to avoid crowds. But, it’s not impossible to plan for them.

This year, in addition to the crowds, shoppers should also be mindful of additional health risks.

If you feel sick, stay home. And, be sure to follow the CDC’s guidelines for safety in crowds. Keeping yourself and others safe and healthy is the very best holiday gift of the season.

2. Shop… Don’t Drop

In years past, Black Friday shopping has proven to be dangerous….and even deadly at times. In the past decade, there have been hundreds of injuries and quite a few fatalities reported on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

According to research published by Arizona PBS, risk-laden incidents have included fatal fights, impatient mobs, and rage-ridden stampedes.

Before losing your mind over one of the season’s most-sought toys, ask yourself if the item is worth the risk (FYI: It’s not).

If you feel your emotions mounting, take a break…and a few deep breaths. Likewise, if a fellow shopper shows signs of irritation, walk away.

3. Maintain Perspective…and Realistic Expectations

There will be lines. There will be waits. And, despite your best efforts, there’s a chance you could face empty shelves.

Brace yourself. And embrace the virtue of patience.

4. Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple but safe is the best way to create an enjoyable Black Friday experience.

Pack light for your outing. And, wear comfy clothes and shoes.

Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. And, even though it might go unsaid for many, make sure you don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.

Mask up and wash up often throughout the day to minimize the spread of germs.

Keep a small first aid kit on hand. And, know who to call in case of an emergency.

Be Prepared for Black Friday

When it comes to Black Friday, preparation is key.

Preparing for the day is one thing. While it’s important to know which retailers to go to first, it’s also important to follow Black Friday shopping safety tips. And, it’s crucial to have a plan if your shopping trip turns south.

If you do encounter the unexpected on Black Friday, know who to turn to.

Every day of the year, the emergency room in Corpus Christi is there to serve you. We are open, not only on the biggest shopping day of the year, but 24/7, even on holidays.


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