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Clean Hands Save Lives

Clean Hands Save Lives

With the number of people contracting Covid-19 increasing daily, it’s important more than ever that people take the proper precautions. You should be doing things like social distancing, wearing a mask, and most of all, washing your hands.

Regular handwashing remains to be the best way to eradicate germs, prevent the spread of germs to others, and avoid getting sick. Discover the many ways clean hands can save lives, and how proper handwashing can protect you and your family.

Why You Need to Wash Your Hands Well

Did you know that proper hand hygiene decreases the number of infections and the related deaths by at least 50 percent?

Stop and take a moment to think about the items you touch daily and the number of germs on each surface. For instance, data has shown that more than 25,127 distinct types of bacteria live on your cellphone screen at any given time.

Wash your hands thoroughly:

  • Before touching or consuming any foods or beverages
  • After coming in from outside
  • After you’ve blown your nose or coughed into your hand
  • After you’ve used the bathroom
  • Before, during, and after you’ve cared for someone sick

These are just a few situations that call for you to wash your hands to ensure that the spread of germs is reduced.

How Washing Your Hands Can Prevent Illnesses

You might be wondering how washing your hands can keep you from becoming ill and having to take a trip to the emergency room in Corpus Christi. As you move throughout the day, you touch things that causes germs to accumulate on your hands.

All it takes is one swipe of the eye or placing your hands in your mouth to contaminate your body with those germs. Sometimes, the germs on your hands are from people that are sick, and when they enter your body, it increases your chances of becoming sick too.

When you wash your hands, you kill the bacteria and prevent the spread. Washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching your face or eyes will help keep you germ-free.

Does Washing Your Hands Kill COVID-19?

According to the CDC, there are several things that regular handwashing can do, such as:

  • Help you to avoid getting sick
  • Removes bacteria and germs from your hands
  • Prevents you from spreading germs to other people

Take the time to wash your hands, no matter where you are.  Regular handwashing is the first line of defense against the spread of many illnesses – including COVID-19.

Steps to Wash Your Hands

Here are some handwashing tips and steps for you to follow.

The first step to washing your hands is to wet them using warm water. After you’ve properly wet your hands, take the soap and begin to work it into a lather.

Lather the front and back of your hands, beneath your nails, and between all your fingers. If it would help, you may sing an upbeat song like ‘Happy Birthday’ while you’re washing your hands twice.

Once you’ve done this, rinse your hands thoroughly and proceed to dry them off.

Clean Hands Save Lives

Proper, regular hand washing is a message worth repeating, since clean hands does save lives and is by far the best way to keep us from getting sick. Instill this healthy habit to your family to ensure a good foundation of healthy actions.

Are you in need of emergency medical services? If so, contact your emergency room in Corpus Christi today and let us help you stay healthy.


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