Back-to-School Concussion Information

It’s that time of the year! With fall sports and pre-season practices just around the corner, it’s important that parents, children, and schools are armed with safety precautions and tips to avoid sports injuries. It’s normal for us to hear about tragic stories of professional athletes who suffer from ...

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Back-to-School: Tips in Preventing Sports Injuries

Participating in sports activities in school has a lot of benefits, plus, it’s a whole lot of fun. Getting injured is not. Any sport carries with it the potential for injury. Children can be at risk for sports injuries for a host of reasons. Younger athletes have slower reaction ...

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Scrapes and Cuts: Should I Go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care?

Everyone gets small cuts, skinned knees, animal scratches, or puncture wounds once in a while. It can be quite tricky to determine whether a scrape or a cut needs medical attention. Mild lacerations can heal without the need of medical intervention. However, there are some injuries that need emergency ...

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Tips on Childproofing Your Home

Although you are very confident that you have done a good and thorough childproofing job, there is still a chance that you have missed something. Childproofing is a very essential step in reducing injuries at home and preventing a trip to your local Calallen, Texas emergency room. It is ...

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Treating a Sunburn

Did you catch a little too much sun? Maybe you nodded off, lost track of time, or were just tempted for the sun to work its ‘magic’ on your skin. A religious devotion to your SPF will not make you immune to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. But without ...

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