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Fighting the Flu this Fall

With the fall comes the flu season, and it is nothing to sneeze at. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 42 million flu cases were reported last year, which turned out to be the longest flu season in a decade. At Physicians Premier, your ER ...

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Common Illnesses During Fall and Winter

The cold months are upon us, and along with it comes the cold and flu season. Physicians Premier, your ER in Cibolo, often see a lot of patients at this time of the year. During this time, you do your best to keep your family healthy, but despite your ...

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Halloween Safety Tips

Children love Halloween: trips to the neighborhood haunted house, trick-or-treating, dressing up, and parties. However, for parents, there is normally a fine line between Halloween fun and concerns about safety. Here are some Halloween safety tips from Physicians Premier, your emergency room in Houston, TX. For homeowners: Keep  your ...

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Stay Healthy During Halloween

Halloween treats got you spooked? Don’t let your health get tricked this Halloween! Here are some tips from Physicians Premier, your emergency room in Clear Lake, TX, so that your family will stay healthy this season. Don’t spend your Halloween loading up on sweets and junk food. With a ...

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Prevent Flu Through Regular Hand Washing

The elevator button you just touched? It probably has flu germs on it. Germs can survive on any surface for at least two hours. If someone in the school or office has the flu, those germs can reside in anything – yes, anything they have touched: phones, desks, cafeteria ...

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