4th of July Food Safety Tips

It is never too early to start planning for safety measures for your family’s 4th of July holiday celebration. This holiday is a great time to celebrate and enjoy your time with family and friends. However, it can be easy to let your guard down, with all of the ...

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Pneumonia – When Should you Seek Emergency Care?

Pneumonia is a lung infection. When you have pneumonia, breathing is difficult due to fluid build-up, pus, and inflammation in the lungs. The symptoms of pneumonia vary, and it is vital to know when you should see your primary care physician or go to your local Portland, Texas emergency ...

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Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is here, and everyone is feeling the heat. Texas averages around 15 days a year when temperatures reach 100 °F or above. Heatwaves with temperatures 100 °F and above normally happens from June until September. During the summer season, it’s essential that everyone knows the types of heat ...

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Why Choose a Freestanding ER vs. a Traditional Hospital ER?

In a medical emergency, time is of the essence and you most likely won’t have the chance to investigate where you can find the best emergency care, nor research hospitals. This is why it’s essential to be prepared – it’s important to know where you will go during a ...

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Life-Saving Facts About Heart Attack

Even with today’s medical advances and readily-available information about chest pain and heart attack, some people are still left confused. This is mainly because the symptoms of heart attack are sometimes intermittent, and different people experience various symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms aren’t very obvious, like shortness of breath, chest ...

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