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How to Shop for Food Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended a lot of aspects in our daily lives, and this includes trips to the grocery store. Once an ordinary, mundane task has now become a nerve-wracking ordeal that brings forth many questions: Is it necessary to wear a mask? Is the virus on produce ...

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Now Accepting MEDICARE

Great News for Coastal Bend Residents in Need of Emergency or Covid-19 Care (Corpus Christi, Texas, May 28, 2020) – Physicians Premier Emergency Rooms are proud to announce that its Corpus Christi Regional Locations are now recognized to treat Medicare patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Federal Government has ...

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Spring Home Safety Tips for Families

Spring, just like any other season, has its own share of potential hazards. Especially now that we are in these uncertain times, you want your home to be a safe place for you and your family. A lot of spring injuries can be prevented by setting aside some time ...

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Spring Safety: Poison Prevention

Each year, millions of people call poison control centers for medical help with poisoning. Poisoning is a concern regardless of the season, but generally, products that were hidden away – such as chemicals for outdoor use or fertilizers – become more accessible to kids during springtime. The U.S. Department ...

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The Most Effective Natural Stress Relievers

We cannot avoid stress, especially during these trying times. Keep in mind that stress is not the situation or the event itself. It is your physical and psychological reaction to the situation. Sometimes, stress can be a good thing and are caused by positive events – marriage, a vacation, ...

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