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Asthma in Children

For children with asthma, this is a tough time of the year. The spread of respiratory illnesses in school, the change in temperature, and exposure to various seasonal allergens can all trigger asthma in children, which can cause missed school days and trips to the emergency room in Corpus Christi. ...

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Holiday Injury Prevention Tips

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is an important holiday which brings family and friends together. Unfortunately, this holiday is also when Physicians Premier sees a surge in cases involving preventable injuries. We want everyone to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year. Please read on to learn more about ...

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What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

Have you – or a loved one – been suffering from shortness of breath? Does your condition make it difficult for you to do normal everyday activities? You may dismiss it as merely a sign that you are getting older, however, it is essential for you to discuss your ...

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Thanksgiving Cooking Safety Tips

Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Holiday Season, and it is just around the corner! Everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving since it is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends, travel to visit loved ones and enjoy delicious food. However, the holidays also bring with ...

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The Risk of Long ER Wait Times

The average emergency room patient in Texas waits over 4 hours until they’re admitted. Long ER wait times are not only frustrating for those seeking emergency care, but they also pose a serious danger. The overcrowding crisis of hospital-based ERs is an undeniable threat to public health. Wait times are especially long during Sunday ...

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