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People are not that quick at calling 911 when they feel something is off with their health. They usually tell themselves that they’re young, healthy, and it’s surely not something that worrisome. They may think that getting treatment is too expensive; and they don’t have health insurance. More often than that, they assume that it’ll pass by the morning and a trip to a Clear Lake ER is unnecessary.

While all these can be valid excuses, here are some symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention.

Difficulty While Breathing or Shortness of Breath

Difficulty while breathing is a common consequence of weight gain. But if you’re in good physical shape and have an active lifestyle but start noticing sudden episodes of shortness of breath, then a trip to a  Clear Lake ER may be necessary. These symptoms can be an indication of an asthma attack, allergies, blood clots, lung infections, stroke, or a heart attack.

Chest Pain

If it lasts more than two minutes, the chest pain may be a sign of lung infection or an acid reflux. However, chest pain that is coupled with nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, sweating, heartburn, dizziness, or discomfort in the left arm can indicate a heart attack.

Faintness, Dizziness or Weakness

Think about your day: did you drink enough water and eat proper meals? If the answer is no, then these symptoms might indicate dehydration. Otherwise, they could be the result of allergies, infections, heart problems, blood circulation issues, or stroke.

Confusion or Changes in Mental Status

If you or a family member behaves unusually, is extremely tired, feels disoriented, and has difficulty speaking, then you need to go to your local Clear Lake ER immediately. These symptoms might signal a stroke, seizure or a brain aneurysm.

Unusual Abdominal Pain

If the pain persists, you may have gallbladder, appendicitis, liver or kidney problems, colitis or infectious diarrhea.

Uncontrolled Bleeding

You never really know how deep the cut is and if you need stitches. If after 15-20 minutes of applying steady pressure, the wound hasn’t stopped bleeding, you should worry because it can lead to nerves or tendons damage.

Coughing up or Vomiting Blood

A cold with a dry throat can lead to coughing a bit of blood occasionally. But when the coughing is persistent, it can mean a bleeding ulcer, a tumor in the stomach or esophagus, pneumonia, or even tuberculosis or cancer.

These are all serious warning signs that require a trip to the emergency room. At Physicians Premier, you’ll find that we are fully-equipped to treat any condition with high standards.

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