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Safety Tips on Child Passenger Safety Week

Safety Tips on Child Passenger Safety Week

Did you know that two children were killed every day in 2019 due to car accidents?

It’s an unfortunate fact that vehicular crashes are the leading cause of death in children 13 years of age or even younger. This statistic should encourage all parents to do more in the name of safety. The good news is that Child Passenger Safety Week is on September 18th and continues until the 24th.

Keep reading to learn safety tips during Child Passenger Safety Week.

Use the Right Seat

You may be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of booster seats. Since one size doesn’t fit all children, it’s crucial to invest in the seat that’s right for your child’s size. This alone will make a world of difference in terms of safety.

For instance, there’s a rear-facing seat designed for infants, a convertible one for slightly older kids, and even an all-in-one seat. Be sure to look up how to buckle car seats because this is something that can throw parents for a loop.

Get a Professional to Check Your Car Seat

If you’re still wondering how to practice road safety, then be sure to have a professional assess the car seat. They can ensure the seat hasn’t been recalled by the manufacturer for one reason or another. All it takes is one oversight for your child to end up in the emergency room.

A professional can even demonstrate the proper way to install the seat. From finding the harness strap to tethering the anchor points, it can be complicated if you’ve never done it before. After a handful of tries, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

Don’t Forget to Register Your Car Seat

When it comes to car safety for parents and their children, you shouldn’t forget to register your car seat. Even if it hasn’t been recalled by the time you buy and install it, that may change later on.

By registering the seat, you can get notified by the manufacturer of any potential issues. That way, you can always maintain car seat safety. In the event of a recall, there’s the potential to get your money back.

Are You Ready to Observe Child Passenger Safety Week?

Now that you’ve learned safety tips during Child Passenger Safety Week, you can ensure that any child in your vehicle is as safe as possible. Your family will certainly appreciate your attention to detail.

For every parent’s peace of mind, we have multiple premiere locations where specially-trained physicians and nurses are ready to take care of your child. Whether they’ve been in a car accident or something else has happened to them, such as a sports-related concussion, the professional medical staff in our emergency room at Bryan, TX is to help.


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