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Croup: Causes, Symptoms, and When to Go to the ER

Did your child suddenly develop a barking cough, make a whistling sound when breathing, or have trouble breathing? It might be croup. Croup is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. The majority of these cases are mild, however, they can also be serious, most especially for babies and young ...

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When Is Sports Head Injury an Emergency?

As Texans, we love our sports. We love to cheer on our favorite teams, but we also love playing them ourselves. We typically see or hear about professional athletes suffering from sports head injuries. Sadly, these types of injuries are not confined to professional athletes. Sports head injuries can happen to ...

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Cheerleading Safety Month: Prevent Cheerleading Injuries with These Safety Tips

Give us an S-A-F-E-T-Y! What do we have? March is Cheerleading Safety Month, and all of us here at Physicians Premier are cheering for your kids’ safety. Keep in mind these cheerleading safety tips to keep your superstar out of harm’s way at all times. Since the early times, cheerleading has ...

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March is National Kidney Month

Our kidneys are so vital for our body to function properly that they have an entire month dedicated to them. You guessed right – this month is National Kidney Month. The entire staff at Physicians Premier would like to raise awareness of having a healthy lifestyle for optimal kidney health. ...

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Diet for Heart Health

Diet for Heart Health A healthy diet and lifestyle are the two main keys to heart health. Managing and preventing heart disease is not as hard as most of us think. It’s a matter of making choices that count! A nutritious, healthy diet plays a huge role in preventing ...

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Understanding High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is typically referred to as “the silent killer.” It is one of the most dangerous, treacherous health conditions. Most people who suffer from it do not manifest any symptoms – and that ‘silence’ can be fatal. High blood pressure can result in a variety of serious ...

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Burn Safety: Burns and Scalds Prevention Tips

Burn injuries continue to be one of the main causes of accidental injury and death in the United States. In fact, according to the American Burn Association, approximately 486,000 people in the U.S. get treatment for burn-related incidents on a yearly basis. Observing burn safety is a must in every home, especially ...

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Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

If you vowed to make this year the year you finally adopt a healthier lifestyle and take control of your weight concerns, you are not alone. Weight loss is the most common resolution, and while it’s natural to feel excited to discover new ways to lose weight and shed those extra ...

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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

According to the National Cancer Institute, nearly 14,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. As with most cancers, prevention and early screening are important, since the disease is preventable with appropriate screening and vaccination. HPV or human papillomavirus is the most common sexually-transmitted disease in ...

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Common Winter Respiratory Diseases to Watch Out For

During the winter months, there is a surge in respiratory diseases and illnesses, including flu and colds. The dry and cold air can weaken our immune system and encourage people to spend most of their time indoors, making it easier for viruses to disperse. If you find yourself coughing and sneezing ...

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