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Preparing for Hurricane Season in Texas: A Safety Checklist

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Texas A Safety Checklist | Freestanding Emergency Rooms | Physicians Premier ER

Hurricane Hanna, the first Atlantic hurricane of the season, has made recent landfall in Texas. It has brought about heavy rains, winds, storm, as well as significant structural damage in some areas. A hurricane in the Atlantic is a bit ahead of the norm, since hurricane season tends to hit its peak in August and September.

Every year, more than 100 tropical storms form in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Of them, an average of two become hurricanes that make landfall in the U.S. 

Two hurricanes might not seem like a lot to deal with in a year. But anyone who has lived through one knows that it’s nothing to take lightly. 

If you’re wondering, “When is hurricane season in Texas?” Know that it starts earlier than you may think. It lasts from June 1st until November 30th every year. 

Hence, now’s a good time to start preparing for hurricane season. Here’s what you’ll need to get through it. 

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Sometimes, a hurricane will force you out of your home. Other times, you would need to shelter in place — and get through the storm with on-hand supplies. Here’s how to prepare yourself and your family for either situation. 

Learn Your Evacuation Route

In the event of an otherworldly storm, you will need to get out of your home. 

Learn your area’s hurricane evacuation routes so you can quickly and calmly get out of town. Speak to family members or friends who live far from the coast or out-of-state. Find out if you can weather the storm with them.

With that, you have one step of your hurricane preparedness list checked off. 

Fill a Bag with Your Must-Haves

Sometimes, you won’t get a lot of warning that you need to evacuate. So, part of preparing for hurricane season means getting ready for a quick getaway. 

You can do this by preparing a “go bag” well in advance of the Texas hurricane season. Fill it with: 

  • Vital medications
  • Identifying documents and important papers, such as social security cards, insurance and home deeds
  • Sunscreen and other Texas summer necessities
  • Cash
  • First-aid supplies
  • Batteries and a flashlight
  • An emergency radio

Of course, you also can add your own must-haves to this list. 

Stock Up on Supplies

Not everyone will have to evacuate. If that’s the case, you’ll want to go shopping and stock up on supplies in preparation for the storm. 

Prepare for the worst scenario in which you can’t get to a store for several days. Buy enough food to feed your family and pets. Pick up a good supply of bottled water, too, in case the storm affects or contaminates your regular water supply. 

Prepare Your Home

Whether you’re staying around or leaving town, keep your home in shape to endure hurricane season with ease. 

Trim down any trees that could fall, as well as lose limbs that could potentially damage your home. Make sure your home accessories are tightly attached, too — you don’t want the high winds to blow away a shutter or a gutter. 

You might want to cover your windows with plywood to prevent them from breaking during the storm. You might also want to consider investing in a generator to keep your house running, even if you lose power. 

Preparing for Hurricane Season Starts Now

It’s never too early to start preparing for hurricane season. Staying alert to the weather all year-round will keep you and your family safe and sound. 

Physicians Premier is here to help you stay healthy through hurricane season and beyond. Contact us today if you need emergency care in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, or Brazos Valley

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