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Difference Between a Freestanding Emergency Room and a Hospital Emergency Room

San Antonio ER, Corpus Christi ER

freestanding emergency room has all the benefits of a hospital based emergency room.

Both freestanding emergency rooms and hospital-based emergency rooms provide high-quality care and make use of high-quality technology. Both are also able to treat the same kinds of emergency conditions. Both also operate 24 hours a day, and are sensitive to patients’ financial concerns.

This is a fact because there is actually an existing law that requires freestanding ER facilities to be open 24 hours a day, to always have doctors on site, and to provide everyone with a medical screening regardless of their ability to pay.

And so, when comparing a freestanding emergency room and hospital emergency room, you can be assured that they are relatively similar, as they are able to provide the same benefits to patients – from doctors, to the facilities, to the technology, and to the quality of care. So what then is the difference between freestanding emergency room and a hospital emergency room?

There is only one simple difference, and it is this: a freestanding emergency room is not physically attached to a hospital, the way hospital emergency room is.

That’s basically it.

But, not quite.

This difference, albeit a simple one, has consequences that provide several benefits that are considered to be significant and critical to patients.

One crucial repercussion of not having a hospital attached to the emergency room is the immediacy of care that it is able to provide. This is because hospital emergency rooms are number one, situated in only specific areas of a city, which means that it can sometimes be out of the way and very far from a patient’s home; and number two, hospital emergency rooms are inevitably populated by a lot of patients, and thus the care that they are able to provide to life-threatening conditions may be delayed.

Freestanding emergency rooms on the other hand, are situated in areas that are accessible. There are actually freestanding emergency rooms located near shopping centers, which makes it much easier to visit for a lot of people. Plus, they are also able to provide speedier care, since they have no long lines unlike traditional hospital emergency rooms.

An example of a freestanding emergency room is Physicians Premier ER, located at Corpus Christi. This Corpus Christi emergency room has all the services and technology that a traditional hospital-based ER can offer, and more. Physicians Premier, your emergency room at Corpus Christi is able to treat any type of emergency, in children, adults, and even older adults.

Also, this freestanding ER can provide you with much convenience when it comes to time and savings. Not only does Physicians Premier offer no waiting time for their patients, but they also offer flexible payment options. Physicians Premier ER, your Corpus Christi ER, is also staffed with physicians and technicians who are expertly trained to provide high-quality, 24-hour, effective and efficient emergency care. The team at Physicians Premier Corpus Christi ER knows full well that time is of the essence, and they make every minute count.

To learn more about this Corpus Christi ER, visit their website today at Physicians Premier ER.

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