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Minor Emergency Clinics in Corpus Christi

Minor Emergency Clinics in Corpus Christi | Physicians Premier

In modern day-to-day living, there is always a chance that minor medical conditions or emergencies will arise. From easily treatable symptoms like headaches and fevers, to the slightly more complicated like minor infections or rashes, the doctor’s office is the first go-to location for most people—but what if the doctor’s on vacation and the office is closed?

Corpus Christi is fortunate to be home to several urgent care and emergency centers fully equipped to deal with minor emergencies. Physicians Premier, the leading freestanding ER in the city has facilities located along Saratoga Boulevard and South Staples St.—both convenient and readily-accessible areas for the public. Always open at all hours of the week, the doctors at Physicians Premier are among the best board-certified medical care practitioners around.

The Physicians Premier facility also boasts a comfortable, first-class environment, state-or-the-art medical equipment (including CT scans, EKGs, ultrasounds, and digital X-Rays) and highly-experienced technicians capable of providing a quality and thorough preliminary medical screening. These efficient screening methods contribute drastically to the reduction of wait times suffered by individuals in other emergency rooms or urgent care centers and also make laboratory results and diagnoses faster.

Some of the most common minor medical emergencies treated by the staff at Physicians Premier include: abdominal pain, headaches and migraines, chest pain, strep throat, sinus infections, skin rashes and allergic reactions, pneumonia, asthma, fevers, and flu. Individuals who have engaged in the preliminary screenings and are unclear about the intricacies of their conditions will be delighted to know that the doctors and staff at Physicians Premier are passionate and enthusiastic about clearing up those questions for them. Should they require complimentary or further treatment, the facility is ready to meet their needs completely.

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