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Are You Having a Heart Attack? Learn the Warning Signs

You feel nauseated. Your breathing increases. Your chest tightens, and your arms start to hurt. Is it something that you ate? Or are you having a heart attack and need to rush to your ER in Cibolo? Heart disease remains to be one of the leading causes of death ...

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Scrapes and Cuts: Should I Go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care?

Everyone gets small cuts, skinned knees, animal scratches, or puncture wounds once in a while. It can be quite tricky to determine whether a scrape or a cut needs medical attention. Mild lacerations can heal without the need of medical intervention. However, there are some injuries that need emergency ...

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Pneumonia – When Should you Seek Emergency Care?

Pneumonia is a lung infection. When you have pneumonia, breathing is difficult due to fluid build-up, pus, and inflammation in the lungs. The symptoms of pneumonia vary, and it is vital to know when you should see your primary care physician or go to your local Portland, Texas emergency ...

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When Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

All of us have been in a situation where we ask ourselves if we need to go to the emergency room for medical treatment. Whether we are evaluating a burn on our child, experiencing a strange chest pain, or one of our family members has a possible concussion, it ...

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When Does a Sinus Infection Need Emergency Care?

Sinus infections affect around 31 million people in the United States. Many people will only experience mild, short term symptoms, and these are often best treated with over-the-counter medication and rest. Others put up with chronic, recurrent bouts of infection throughout their life. In some instances, the discomfort can ...

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Know the Symptoms of a Diabetic Emergency

Today, diabetes has unfortunately become one of the most rampantly prevalent urgent medical conditions reported in the United States. Neither exclusively limited to the adult nor minor populations, diabetes is a condition that can affect people of all ages with equal ease. The exact symptoms of each diabetes case ...

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When to Go to the Emergency Room for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a potentially serious condition that occurs when pockets of diverticula form in the colon and then become inflamed. These pockets can cause serious pain in the abdomen and can have deadly consequences if not treated properly and promptly. While it is common for this condition to be ...

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When to go to the Emergency Room for Dehydration

At times, we have all felt the effects of dehydration and there are some symptoms you should not ignore. Severe dehydration can lead to death, making it important for you to seek medical treatment right away should you experience certain symptoms. Palpitations/chest pains If you are dehydrated and begin ...

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When to Go to the Emergency Room When Pregnant

Pregnancy is possibly the most exciting time of your life but with the excitement of your impending parenthood also comes the beginning of the stress of ensuring the safety of your child. There are some things that may not feel normal but which actually are, and then there are ...

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When to Go to the Emergency Room for a Toddler Fever

As parents it can be near impossible not to worry about our children whenever they shows signs of ill health, but sometimes a trip to the emergency room can be more stressful for them overall than keeping them at home and managing their symptoms. When it comes to dealing ...

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