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When to go to the Emergency Room for Dehydration

When to go to the Emergency Room for Dehydration | Corpus Christi Emergency Room

At times, we have all felt the effects of dehydration and there are some symptoms you should not ignore. Severe dehydration can lead to death, making it important for you to seek medical treatment right away should you experience certain symptoms.

Palpitations/chest pains

If you are dehydrated and begin to feel chest pains, you should go directly to the emergency room. These are not your typical pains; they are pains where it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest or that your heart is going to beat right out of your chest. These are symptoms of a possible cardiac event as a result of being dehydrated and should be treated immediately.

Lack of urine

Urination is necessary for the natural release of fluids. When you urinate, not only is your body disposing of excess fluids but the toxins in your body as well. It is vital that your kidneys and bladder are working together all of the time to ensure that the toxins are gone or they can lead to more serious conditions. If you or a loved one has gone more than 24 hours without urination, it is important to go directly to the emergency room. This is an early sign of renal failure and only a doctor can offer IV fluids that are necessary to get you hydrated again.

Causes of dehydration

Another element that determines the extent of your dehydration could be what caused it in the first place. For instance, if you have been outside in the heat all day and did not drink enough water, it is likely you will feel thirsty. On the other hand, if you have been outside all day with no fluids and are feeling chest pains and vomiting, then you should seek help immediately.

If you continue to vomit for longer than 24 hours then you should go to the emergency room right away.

If you experience these symptoms, you may be suffering from extreme dehydration. It is vital you visit the emergency room as soon as possible to be treated. If you are experiencing these extreme symptoms, then Physicians Premier ER can help. Visit our locations page to find a location nearest to you: