Fever Talk with Dr. Cross

 It’s that time of year again and the flu is just starting to spread across South Texas. Most of these infections are viruses and cause high fevers, especially in children.  A fever is our immune system’s attempt to gain an advantage and make a poor environment for the ...

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Top 5 FAQs about Physicians Premier, Your Round Rock ER

At Physicians Premier, your Round Rock ER, we are here to help you get high-quality treatment for your medical emergency. Our facility is open 24/7 for everything from illnesses to injuries. Do you have questions? We’ve got the answers here! 1. What is a freestanding ER? A freestanding emergency ...

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Appendicitis: Learn the Warning Signs

Possibly, you might have heard of some horror stories about those who were in excruciating abdominal pain, then had their appendix burst because they waited too long. You are now wondering if the pain in your abdomen is caused by appendicitis. At Physicians Premier, your Corpus Christi emergency room, ...

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Holiday Travel Preparedness

The American Automobile Association is projecting recent highs for travel between December 23 and January 1 as people take to the roads, rails, and air for Christmas and New Year’s. Visiting friends and family is an important part of the holiday season. Are you going to travel around the ...

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Decorations and Holiday Safety

Holiday plants and trees, twinkly lights, candles – decorations and other ornaments are an essential part of holiday celebrations. Aside from being fun and festive, the holiday decorations that you bring out every year-end can help your kids feel connected to family traditions. While holiday celebrations are meant to ...

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