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Preventing Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries

April is Youth Sports Safety Month, a good reminder for young athletes — as well their parents and coaches — of the importance of sports injury prevention.

There’s no better time to discuss the best methods for preventing sports injuries than this month. Exercise helps kids keep their bodies fit and healthy and helps them feel good about themselves. By observing proper precautions, you can prevent sports injuries. And remember, it’s best to talk to your healthcare provider before you let your child start any form of physical activity. 

Sports Injury Prevention: Our Top Tips

Below are some helpful sports injury prevention tips that can help parents create an optimal and safe sports experience for their young ones.

1. Put on the Proper Gear

Helmets, kneepads, mouthguards, shin guards, padding, protective eyewear and cups all exist for a reason. They help keep athletes safe, even if they feel a bit cumbersome. Wearing sports gear is your first line of defense against injuries.

However, it is important to remind your child that wearing protective gear will not prevent all injuries. It’s always best to practice sports safety and avoid performing risky or dangerous activities.  

2. Warm-Up

Warming up helps increase the flexibility and temperature of your muscles, which protects you as you exercise. Kids should warm-up, too. Good coaches will incorporate warm-ups into their practices or pre-game routines. 

3. Learn the Proper Technique

Your child’s coach should ensure that they use proper techniques in their activity of choice. Whether they’re swinging a bat or landing a flip, improper positioning can be the difference between a perfect ten and a season spent on the sidelines. 

4. Listen to Your Body

A big game or a qualifying meet may feel more important than anything else. It may push your child to play through a lingering pain or discomfort. Encourage them not to do this. 

Playing through the pain often exacerbates a small, underlying injury. A sports injury doctor may remedy this sooner if your child sits out now — waiting can help them get back in the game ASAP. 

5. Stay Hydrated

Children need more and more water as they grow up. If your little one is…

  • age 1-3, they need four cups of water daily.
  • age 3-5, they need five cups of water daily.
  • older than 5, they need seven to eight cups of water daily.

This number increases with certain factors, including the level of activity and heat. So, be sure that your child drinks plenty of water before, during, and after an activity. This helps them perform their best and helps prevent heat illness post-match — some of which can cause hospitalization.

When You Can’t Prevent Sports Injuries 

Sports injury prevention is possible, but it’s not foolproof. Keep in mind these tips, but also remember that there’s an emergency room in Brazos Valley ready to treat your child should they require sports injury treatment. 

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