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Men's Health Month: Top Health Tips for Dad

Men's Health Month: Top Health Tips for Dad

Did you know that the leading causes of death for men in the U.S. in 2021 were heart disease, cancer, and COVID-19? While the worst of the pandemic is hopefully behind us, heart disease and cancer are permanent risks that should concern all men.

June is Men’s Health Month and with Father’s Day approaching, it’s a great time to provide men’s health tips to the most important man in your life. Read on to learn some great tips and advice. 

What Is Special About Men’s Health?

While men and women are susceptible to many of the same diseases, differences in genetics and physical makeup cause men to face their own unique challenges. Some basic men’s health tips point out these differences, such that men live shorter lives and that heart disease and cancer cause nearly half of all fatalities. 

What Are Some Good Men’s Health Tips?

Many of the best health tips for men are based on an understanding of healthy living. Some of these tips include: 

Cut Out the Bad Behavior

Men tend to be more prone to behaviors that put their health at risk. Behaviors like smoking and drinking are more common among men, but men are also more likely to not schedule check-ups or get yearly physicals.

Drinking in moderation and quitting smoking can add years to your life. Maintaining a healthy diet makes a huge difference as well. Consuming non-processed foods with veggies and fruits is a great start

A Good Understanding of Family History

Chronic conditions tend to run across generations in families. Having a good knowledge of your family history allows you to know what preventative measures you can take.

This is also important information to pass along to your doctor. They may use your family history to determine the type of health screenings you need to receive.  

Exercise Regularly

You should aim to get at least 150 minutes of physical activity and incorporate strength training at least twice a week. Understand that these numbers are the minimums and that doing more will give you increased benefits. Just making the decision to stand rather than sit at work can have health benefits. 

Take Time to Unwind

With the recent focus on mental health, taking time to relax and destress is just as important as the mechanisms of physical health. This can include almost any activity that is fulfilling, from watching TV to reading a book. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

While this sounds easy enough, many men neglect to get the proper amount of sleep. Setting up a nighttime routine is a great way to get your body into a better sleep cycle. 

Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Health?

Now that you know some important men’s health tips, what are you waiting for? Many men’s health issues are caused by family history and poor decisions, so understanding this is key. 

You should research the professionals in your area and seek them out for both regular checkups and emergency medical situations. This means thinking of specific items like where to go if you need an emergency room in Bulverde, TX, or whatever town you live in.


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