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House Bill 1832: The Remedy for ER Insurance Claim Denials

Freestanding emergency rooms are vital to Texans. Its presence in the local communities ensures that families receive the medical care they need as fast as possible.

However, families in Texas are having their access to emergency care delayed, or worse, their coverage for care denied by insurance companies. This is an alarming trend.

The community of freestanding emergency centers are working together to educate and protect patients and their families. We are taking action to ensure that Texans get accessible, high-quality care, as well as prompt payment of health insurance claims for emergency care provided by non-network providers.

Protecting and Defending Access to Care

You deserve access to the best care available without being steered away during a medical emergency.

Pro-patient legislations are in the works, and this will help remedy ER insurance claim denials. House Bill 1832, by Rep. Julie Johnson would prohibit health plan issuers from implementing any practice that renders coverage for emergency care dependent upon a final diagnosis. This means that regardless of whether a physical complaint, symptom, or injury was a true medical emergency, it should be treated as one and covered accordingly.

You shouldn’t have to worry about making the wrong call. You should be able to confidently go to the emergency room when the need arises! HB1832 would help restore Prudent Layperson Standard protections. This standard means that if you feel that you are having a medical emergency, your insurance company must honor and cover emergency testing, even if it turns out to be acid reflux vs a heart attack.

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