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March is National Nutrition Month

Many people take January 1st and the beginning of the New Year as an opportunity to kickstart a new and healthy way of life. But if you missed that train, don’t worry — it’s not too late! Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  This makes it ...

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National Kidney Month: Bridge the Knowledge Gap to Better Kidney Care

March is National Kidney Month. This makes it a great time to get to know a little bit about your kidneys, the diseases that affect them, and what you can do to protect them. Chronic kidney disease is a serious disorder that can eventually lead to total kidney failure. If you’d ...

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Too Much Salt Can Harm Our Health

Did you know that too much salt in a diet has been associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and chronic renal disease? Salt is a flavoring and preservative. It’s around 60% chloride and 40% sodium. Fruits, veggies, meats, nuts, whole grains, and dairy products all have a low sodium content. Salt ...

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Staying Active: Quick Motivational Tips for Long-Term Fitness Success

Expectations are everything. How many times have you started a project, considered how much better someone else is at the task, and then stopped?  Your long-term fitness goals start, like all stories, with the day you start making changes. Too often, long-term goals seem unreachable because they include gaps between ...

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Stress, Your Heart, and Mental Health

Cardiovascular disease kills an American every 36 seconds. This makes it the leading killer in the United States. Understanding what affects heart health can help you make lifestyle changes to improve yours. Stress and mental health, for instance, affect your heart. Read on to learn how heart health and mental ...

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High Blood Pressure Facts

In the United States, 116 million adults have hypertension, a.k.a., high blood pressure. Whether your doctor has recently diagnosed you or you wonder if you’re at risk, you’re in the right place. We want to help you understand how hypertension could impact you or someone you love. After exploring high blood pressure facts, you’ll have ...

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The Health Benefits of Napping

Did you know that humans are programmed to need sleep between one and three in the afternoon? Our natural circadian rhythm causes us to experience a natural dip in energy around this time. It’s no wonder that there are so many health benefits of napping.  The dreaded midday slump might have you wondering if you ...

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Regular Screening Prevents Cervical Cancer

Last year, approximately 14,480 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer. By identifying pre-cancer or cancer in its early stages, you can increase your rate of survival. When cancer cell growth starts in the cervix, it is called cervical cancer.  When cervical cancer is detected in its early ...

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Why Choose a Freestanding ER vs. a Traditional Hospital ER?

In a medical emergency, time is of the essence and you most likely won’t have the chance to investigate where you can find the best emergency care, nor research hospitals. This is why it’s essential to be prepared – it’s important to know where you will go during a ...

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When to Go to the Emergency Room for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a potentially serious condition that occurs when pockets of diverticula form in the colon and then become inflamed. These pockets can cause serious pain in the abdomen and can have deadly consequences if not treated properly and promptly. While it is common for this condition to be ...

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