Reindeer Influenza Plaguing Austin Area Elves on the Shelf

Uh oh… did your elf somehow lose their magic? They may have a bad case of reindeer influenza from lack of cookies! Fret not, elf mishaps happen, and your elf can still make it to the North Pole! We’ll even provide a doctor’s note to make sure he gets a full recovery! ...

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Safe this Holiday

Holidays are best when they are spent having a wonderful time with family and friends – and not spent in an Austin ER. However, each year, thousands of people end up in the emergency room due to holiday-related illnesses and injuries. Below are some holiday safety tips that you ...

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Handling the Holidays with Food Allergies

The holiday season is here! With all the family gatherings, travels, and joy the holidays bring comes illnesses, injuries… and allergies. Cheesy casseroles, creamy dips, and homemade goodies will most likely be on the menu, but what can guests with food allergies have? The Food Allergy Research & Education ...

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We are counting on you!

Physicians Premier needs your help. Please sign our petition for The Emergency Room Improvement Act (S.3531). This bill will provide Medicare/Medicaid and Tricare patients better access to emergency medical care through Freestanding Emergency Rooms like Physicians Premier. This would also mean essential, more convenient, and cost-effective patient care, ...

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Back Pain Remedy for Pregnant Women

Pregnant and experiencing back pain? Back pain in pregnancy is fairly common. Your center of gravity shifts, you’re gaining weight, and your hormones are relaxing the tough tissues that connects your joints. To compensate for the forward shift in their pelvis, a lot of women lean backwards, and this ...

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