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Why Choose a Freestanding ER vs. a Traditional Hospital ER?

Why Choose a Freestanding ER vs. a Traditional Hospital ER? | Physicians Premier | Freestanding ER Texas

In a medical emergency, time is of the essence and you most likely won’t have the chance to investigate where you can find the best emergency care, nor research hospitals. This is why it’s essential to be prepared – it’s important to know where you will go during a medical emergency.

Today, patients have more options. There are traditional hospital emergency rooms, and there are freestanding ERs such as Physicians Premier, your Bulverde ER. How do you identify which is the best?

We invite you to read on to know more about the key differences between the two, and why going to a freestanding ER is the best option.

1. Zero to No Wait Time

In an emergency situation, a crowded, understaffed emergency room is the last place you want to be. You want medical attention, and you want it fast! Hospital emergency rooms are typically unable to provide prompt medical attention due to their high patient volume. There are also unavoidable factors like trauma cases which are prioritized. Patients in a traditional hospital emergency room setting typically wait 20 minutes or more on average. In some hospital emergency rooms, patients who are not acutely ill could wait as long as 10 hours for care. Of course, this can feel like forever during a medical emergency.

Physicians Premier, a freestanding ER, can provide the same high-level services and quality of care – minus the wait! In most cases, our patients can be seen by one of our board certified doctors in as little as five minutes. We are open 24/7, which means that you have access to premium care at any time.

2. Diagnostic Tests

The lobby is not the only place where patients wait in a traditional hospital emergency room. Diagnostic testing, which includes laboratory and imaging services, is typically done outside of the emergency department. This only means that you need to wait in line along with other patients for an X-ray or a CT scan, and you have to wait again to get the results.

Physicians Premier has a laboratory, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and technology on-site. Our doctors can have the information they need to promptly diagnose and treat your condition.

3. Patient Care

At a traditional hospital emergency room, a patient may be treated or seen by quite a number of medical personnel, with very little time to discuss the patient’s condition. This can often result in unnecessary hospital admissions and medical tests.

Physician’s Premier focuses on patient-centered care. Yes, you come first! Rest assured that you will always be seen by one of our expertly-trained, board certified doctors, assisted by our experienced medical staff in a family-friendly, healing environment. Our staff will provide you with personalized, coordinated emergency care you need and deserve.

Knowing the best place to go for emergency medical care can make all the difference. At Physicians Premier, your Bulverde ER, we are proud to deliver responsive, prompt, compassionate emergency care for patients of all ages.