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House Bill 1914: Ensuring Prompt Coverage for Care

House Bill 1914: Ensuring Prompt Coverage for Care

Did you know that Texas has the highest incidences of surprise bills in the U.S.? This is because insurance companies are misleading patients, and as a result, they pass on a huge amount of emergency room costs to patients, keeping more of the profits to themselves. 

The public policies underlying the requirement of emergency care coverage exist to PROTECT patients. Texas needs prompt payment of health insurance claims for emergency care provided by non-network providers!

The truth is, your care at any emergency facility should ALWAYS be covered under your in-network benefits. The differences between “out-of-network” vs. “in-network” should be irrelevant during a medical emergency.

Medical emergencies prevent consumers from making the kinds of choices they would otherwise make when using a network provider for routine care. To save lives and promote quick access to care, consumers may go to the closest emergency care provider and be assured their potentially life-saving care will be covered.

House Bill 1914 by Rep. Joe Moody addresses the prompt payment of health insurance claims, ensuring that all emergency care providers are reimbursed in a timely manner for the excellent, life-saving emergency care they provide.

  • Prompt payment of medical claims that will help patients and providers
  • Improve consumer protections while creating greater regulatory certainty
  • Will help end the anti-patient “balance billing” conditions that insurers thrive on

HB 1914 deserves your support. Join us in helping protect patients in emergencies by clicking on this link:

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