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House Bill 1278: Expanding Access to Emergency Medical Care

Every Texan deserves access to high-quality health care. A simple legislative fix would clarify the law & expand patient access for a variety of medical needs. Texas legislators are considering a bill right now that will expand your access to medical care.

More often than not, patients are referred to an urgent care center or worse, “told to hold off until the morning and see their primary care doctor” instead of readily accommodating them so that they may receive the medical care that they may seriously need.  

HB 1278 by Rep. James White would update Texas law to:

  • Provide More Choice for Texas Consumers
  • Expand Patient Access to Medical Care
  • Take Power from Insurance Companies and Give it to Everyday Texans

This also means that freestanding emergency centers will have the ability to provide outpatient care services to patients – medical services which can be given without needing to stay overnight in a medical facility.

Freestanding emergency rooms have proven to be essential for communities who have very little options for outpatient services. Open 24/7, freestanding ERs are fully equipped and staffed with board-certified emergency physicians, offering  laboratory, radiology, and imaging services.

HB 1278 will update the existing Texas law essential for freestanding ERs to start providing additional access to care, improving the health of the communities they serve, and saving more lives.

Please consider signing the petition below to ask legislators to provide you with access to high-quality access to medical care.

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