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Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home | Physicians Premier

In these uncertain times, many are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Parents are struggling to manage their own feelings of stress – all while helping their children navigate through the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

With schools closed and social distancing guidelines in effect, a lot of kids are spending more time at home. Are you looking for meaningful and educational activities for your kids to do while they are not in school? Activities need not be Pinterest-worthy or elaborate. Most of the time, simple is best.

Here are some fun ways to keep your kids entertained at home.

1. Painting rocks – Collect some rocks in your yard and paint them with fun patterns or animal faces. Painting helps kids acquire hand-eye coordination, helps them express their feelings or emotions, and helps kids progress and discover their creativity.

2. Dance party – This is a fun way to kick off your day! Let your kids choose the music and dance along with them. You can also check YouTube for some kid-friendly workouts.

3. Yoga – Why not share the benefits of yoga with your children? This activity will help your kids pay more attention to how they are feeling, and will help them get more in touch with their bodies.

4. Make cards for families and friends – This is a fantastic way to stay connected with the people you love. 

5. Build a fort – Let your kids build a fort and use it as their own special hangout. They can watch a movie or read a book in there!

6. Charades – Your kids can act out different animals, words, or phrases and have the rest of the family guess what they are acting out.

7. Free learning printables – Go online and search for free learning downloads or printables, and we’re sure you’ll discover a lot of great stuff.

8. Cook or bake – Cooking or baking can be messy with little ones, and requires a lot of patience. But it is a great art form, and it helps build character. It encourages team play and boosts their confidence.

9. Create a scrapbook – This is a great arts and crafts project and can be a keepsake that will prove to be very special in the future.

10. Play board games or build puzzles together – Now that you have a lot of time together as a family, playing board games is a great way to  strengthen your bond. Plus, it helps with cognitive skills and memory formation!

Yes, there are many fun ways to keep your kids entertained at home! Keeping every family member learning and engaged at the comfort of your home can make this unique time more interesting as we all do our part to help flatten the curve.


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