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Family Summer Safety Tips

Family Summer Safety Tips | Autin, TX Emergency Room | Physicians Premier

It’s summer, and we are living in a special time. Warmer temperatures, sunshine, and the gradual reopening of parks are luring a lot of people outside. Some people think that sunny days mean that you shouldn’t be concerned about catching a respiratory illness. Sadly, when it comes to Covid-19, this is not the case.

A study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal reveals that warmer temperatures have very little impact on transmission. The study further reveals that social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings has helped slow the spread.

Your personal risk of catching the virus depends on your overall health and age, the precautions you take, and the prevalence of the virus in your community. Remember, during this time, there is no such thing as zero-risk activities.

What is the best way to enjoy this season while minimizing your family’s risk of getting sick? Physicians Premier, your Portland, TX emergency room shares these summer safety tips.

1. Backyard barbecue

Getting together with a few people is not very risky, as long as it is done in a spacious outdoor area. To further lower the risk, avoid sharing anything – utensils, drinks, or food. The food isn’t really the risk, but coming in contact with shared utensils or dishes could be.

It’s also best to avoid consuming alcoholic drinks, as it can make people careless about social distancing.

2. Going to the beach or local pool

Currently, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted or spread through water parks or beaches. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disinfection with bromine and chlorine should inactivate the virus.

The key questions are, can you make sure that you and your family are at least 6 feet from anyone? How close are you to others?

3. Playgrounds and playdates

It might be tempting to take your child to the neighborhood playground or start setting up playdates, but observing social distancing is still important. The CDC guidelines do not recommend playdates composed of kids from different households. The CDC also recommend against going to the playground since it is hard to keep the equipment disinfected, and harder to maintain social distancing among children. Remember, the fewer people your kids are exposed to, the better.

This doesn’t mean that your family cannot go outside and get active. Going outside is great for your overall health! Plan some simple activities like going for a walk or riding the bike around the neighborhood. Just avoid outdoor activities that require physical contact or close proximity.

Even on a beautiful summer day, everyone should keep in mind these family summer safety tips, along with taking the best measures you can to stay safe – using face coverings, handwashing, and social distancing.


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