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More reasons to choose an Emergency Room in Corpus Christi

Emergency Care in Portland Texas | Physicians Premier ER

There are a number of emergency room visits in the United States. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 44.5 visits to the emergency department per 100 persons in 2011.

However, not all emergency rooms are 24 hour emergency care units, have a state of the art facility, simplified billing, and are highly experienced in serving patients. Physicians Premier, with its numerous emergency rooms in Corpus Christi, is a freestanding ER that specializes in immediate care situations.

As a freestanding ER, Physicians Premier offer “a full service, state-licensed, and 24/7 emergency room that, as its name implies, is not directly connected to a hospital. It offers essentially the same services and functions, but with dramatically reduced wait times and a much more comfortable setting than traditional ERs.”

The differences of a freestanding ER from urgent care clinics and a hospital ER are that they have a streamlined billing; they drastically reduce wait time, have immediate access to board-certified physicians, have fully certified Laboratory for quick results diagnosis, and have an easy and convenient billing.

Also, every staff adheres to the ER’s core values of Compassion, Integrity, and Clinical Excellence in providing Emergency Care (such as headache, strep throat, and abdominal pain) and Trauma Care such as sports injuries, seizures, and, concussions) with Onsite Services (such as CT scans and digital X-rays).

Another good thing about Physicians Premier is that it is located in many areas such as in Portland, Everhart, Calallen/Annaville, Ennis Joslin, Bulverde, Bryan, Saratoga, and San Antonio (City Base). For a preview of its facilities here is a virtual tour of the immediate care centers by locality:

Health emergencies would often catch individuals and families unaware when it arises any time of the day; but with Physicians Premier open 24/7, no one ever had to be helpless in urgent situations.

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