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Medicare Patients Can Now Seek Private Emergency Medical Treatment or Covid-19 Care at our Coastal Bend Locations

Corpus Christi Emergency Room | Treatment Room

Great News for Coastal Bend Residents in Need of Emergency or Covid-19 Care

(Corpus Christi, Texas, May 28, 2020) – Physicians Premier Emergency Rooms are proud to announce that its Corpus Christi Regional Locations are now recognized to treat Medicare patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Federal Government has authorized and is encouraging Medicare patients to utilize Physicians Premier private freestanding emergency medical centers for medical emergencies, providing our Medicare patients with access to the most immediate and closest care available without having to wait in busy hospital ER waiting rooms.

Dr. Lonnie Schwirtlich, Physicians Premier Chief Medical Officer confirms, “The President wants prompt emergency care for our senior citizens,” Dr. Schwirtlich adds, “particularly in our Coastal Bend region where hospital wait times can be lengthy, over-crowded and with COVID-19 contagion concerns. Being able to treat our older patients quickly in quiet, emergency rooms closer to home can make all the difference.”

Medicare is urging its beneficiaries to seek the closest emergency care facility in a life-threatening situation or if they are concerned about having any COVID symptoms.

Yet until now, the Federal Government has not recognized freestanding emergency rooms. If a patient chose a non-hospital-based ER, the reality of paying for this care has left many older patients with no alternative except to wait in overburdened hospital ERs. And in our current climate, this is not acceptable.

Dr. Schwirtlich concludes, “This is great news and a definite win for our older patients who have worked hard, contributed for their later years and who can now receive timely medical emergency care, closer to home.”

About Physicians Premier Emergency Rooms

Physicians Premier ER offers patients a modern emergency room experience from the moment they walk through the doors, to paying the bill. Differences include being seen by a board-certified ER Physician, virtually no wait, fast on-site labs, X-Ray, and CT Scan results, a single bill for all services provided, locations closer to home, a relaxing environment, and swift referral to area hospitals if necessary. Physicians Premier ER bills all private insurance, accepts self-pay uninsured patients and now may accept Medicare patients.

Freestanding Emergency Rooms have proven to provide a valuable, timely and often life-saving service to local communities – relieving the overburden of centrally located hospital ERs.

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