Reindeer Influenza Plaguing Austin Area Elves on the Shelf

Uh oh… did your elf somehow lose their magic? They may have a bad case of reindeer influenza from lack of cookies! Fret not, elf mishaps happen, and your elf can still make it to the North Pole! We’ll even provide a doctor’s note to make sure he gets a full recovery!

Check out the video and read the story from NBC Austin (KXAN) below!

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Parents, if your Elf on the Shelf is seeming a little under the weather, he or she may have a bad case of reindeer influenza.

It’s a form of reindeer flu that cannot be contracted by humans or pets, but can definitely set your elf back a couple of days. If he needs to be taken to get a check up, one doctor is willing to help.

“Well the elves are magic but even though they’re magic they can still be susceptable to things you and I can get like the cold and flu which is going to be pretty bad this year,” said Artie Abello, a doctor at Physicians Premier in Round Rock.

Abello will even provide a doctor’s note to ensure your elf makes a full recovery.

Don’t worry though, your elf can still take notes and report back to Santa after the recovery is all done.

Visit our Austin Emergency Room to get your elves tested!

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