Freestanding Emergency Rooms: The Best Option for Medical Care in San Antonio, TX

Time is of the essence in a critical healthcare emergency. While emergency rooms in hospitals and urgent care centers can adequately treat most patients, sometimes patients get lost in the shuffle due to the crowded conditions, and valuable time which could be spent treating an injury or illness is lost.

Since the population of Texas has grown, emergency room physicians noticed an increased need for quality emergency medical attention and set out to design and implement a progressive model of emergency care.

In San Antonio, Texas, freestanding emergency rooms are leading the way in providing quality healthcare. These freestanding emergency rooms, such as your local Physicians Premier ER in San Antonio, are the best option for medical care.


What is the difference between a freestanding ER, a hospital ER, and an urgent care center?

Like a hospital emergency room, freestanding ERs are licensed by the state. Freestanding ERs typically have agreements with local hospitals to transfer patients to the hospital emergency room in serious cases.

Freestanding emergency rooms are more numerous than hospitals and are closer to residential areas.

Unlike urgent care centers which hold office hours, freestanding ERs are open 24/7. Most medical emergencies occur after office hours.

Since freestanding ERs can meet patient needs after-hours and can support and treat most medical emergencies, this helps to offset hospital overcrowding.


Why would someone choose a freestanding ER over a hospital or an urgent care center?

If an injury or medical emergency occurs after-hours, an urgent care center is no help to the patient; they aren’t open.

Hospitals are often overcrowded and understaffed. At a freestanding ER, lines and wait times are much shorter, yet the same quality of care is available.

Since freestanding ERs are licensed through the state of Texas, they are required to treat patients regardless of their ability to pay, like in a hospital. Urgent care centers, if they are privately run, can turn away patients without insurance or the ability to pay out-of-pocket.

Visit Physicians Premier, your local ER in San Antonio, where you can receive the same quality of medical care found in a hospital, without the long wait times or the hassles and dangers associated with overcrowding.



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